• A Room of One's Own

    On renting an office
  • Three Years

    I woke up to my body remembering this trauma anniversary before my mind did.
  • On Work and Play

    How I'm balancing activism and healing.
  • 2022 in Review: Forms

    This year I made a lot of forms that were new to me! Previously, I had a good amount of practice with throwing basic cylinders and turning them int...
  • Happy New Pay Transparency Law!

    California's pay transparency law went into effect on January 1. Are companies complying?
  • 2022 in Review: Press

    a roundup of interviews sharing my experiences fighting for fair pay.
  • Seconds Sale!

    Things don't need to be perfect to be loved.
  • The first shop update is live!

    Equal Clay is open! Activist mugs available now.