wealth gap pricing

how to own my artwork, with or without techbro money

The more I think about it, the less sense it makes to ask everyone to pay the same prices, when we all have such widely varying access to resources. So I'm experimenting with sliding scale pricing. Reflect on your financial situation, then choose the option below that's best for you.

make it rain mug on the edge of the kiln

consider paying less if

your finances are on the fragile side

this could include:

  • financial abuse at home or work
  • discrimination, violence, or oppression you've experienced directly or passed to you generationally
  • medical or mental health expenses, legal services, or other unavoidable and overwhelming expenses
  • difficulty finding work at all, work that pays enough, or work where you are safe
  • something not listed here

Use any of the following discounts at checkout, no questions asked:

  • 10% off—WEALTHGAP10
  • 25% off—WEALTHGAP25
  • 50% off—WEALTHGAP50

consider paying more if

your finances are on the robust side

this could include:

  • work that compensates you well through base pay, bonuses, and stock
  • investments and/or retirement accounts that are growing for your future
  • access to emergency funds or family resources to avoid crisis in the case of unexpected expenses
  • stable housing, whether owned or rented
  • something not listed here

Pay full price at checkout and add a tip to support my activism, no questions asked.

This policy was inspired by both Ritual Dyes' sliding scale and Lucy Wingard's solidarity pricing, and I'll offer it as long as it remains sustainable for my small business.