2022 in Review: Press

2022 in Review: Press

Did you know that in addition to making pottery, I write and speak publicly about my lived experiences with pay inequity, the obstacles employees face when reporting discrimination, and how we heal from harm at work?

In case you missed them, here is a roundup of articles, podcasts, and news broadcasts from the last year and a half. (I'm including two from 2021, since this is my first press summary post).

The Verge: Apple's Fortress of Secrecy is Crumbling from the Inside (September 2021)

screenshot of the verge article with an illustration of an apple logo made of white bricks being broken apart and carried away by people

The New York Times: Another Apple Worker Says the Company Retaliated Against Her (November 2021)

screenshot of the new york times article with an aerial photo of apple park

Gather Around Podcast Episode 4: Fighting Gender Pay Discrimination at Apple (February 2022)

screenshot of gather around podcast in apple podcasts app. the show's logo has a campfire.

ABC7: Former Apple Engineer Struggles with Gender Pay Gap (April 2022)

screenshot of ABC7 site showing video still with my face under the title

Strong Feelings Episode 106: Fix Systems Not Women (May 2022)

screenshot of strong feelings podcast website showing audio player and transcript

The Muse: 4 Women Who Went Public With Pay Gap Stories—and What Happened Next (June 2022)

screenshot of the muse article with an illustration of a black woman yelling into a megaphone and colorful ribbons streaming out the other side

Appreciation to Zoë Schiffer, Sydney Pereira, Mark Nguyen, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Melanie Woodrow, and Kellen Browning for your courage and care in our conversations.

I will continue to talk about pay in 2023, and am happy to weigh in at both the individual and policy levels. Here's where I can use your help... if you are connected with a conference, publication, podcast, employee resource group, or other group that could host an impactful event, please tell me about it! I'd love to connect.

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