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Financial Feminist by Tori Dunlap

Financial Feminist by Tori Dunlap

The patriarchy profits off our silence. If it can convince us that "talking about money is gauche," then we stay underpaid and overworked. Not talking about money means we don't know that our coworker with the same experience is making 20 percent more.

What I learned: This book made me aware of my childhood money memories, and helped me see how they—mixed with many other experiences over the years—inform my emotions and actions around money today. It also gave me the confidence and information I needed to buy my first ETF through the brokerage account I already had from an employer stock plan, but didn't really know how to use.

Why I loved it: Beyond helping women understand money, the way Dunlap brings in other experts to share their wisdom was the surprise hit of feminism I didn't know I needed. Like, listen to my expertise, AND listen to this peer who has really great info and perspective I could never give you. We figure this stuff out in community.

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