closeup of rainbow text "lets talk about pay" on a cream mug with black speckles

Seconds Sale!

for the past several months i've been doing physical therapy for overworking my shoulder (yes, from pottery). as i heal, I've taken a break from production, which is why you haven't seen shop updates. the great thing about working for myself is that i can actually listen to my body and take care of it, instead of pushing through and harming myself further.

the last batch of pots that i produced are fully functional but have some technical flaws and it has taken me some time to decide what to do with them. they took exactly as long to make as a perfect pot would have. but i ultimately decided to list them at a discount so that i feel balanced about sending them into the world. they are mostly 30% off, though there's one in here for allies that's pricier to make people think.

you can find pay her more and fix systems not women, alongside a couple of new designs: lets talk about pay and pay her more than me, and a few other pots.

truthfully, i only use imperfect pots in my own kitchen. owning a pot from this batch is like owning an artifact of my learning and growth on this journey. you can say, "i started collecting from kate back when she was still perfecting her process!"

if you still want to hold out for the next batch, please consider reading the product descriptions anyway (they're like mini blog posts about pay equity) and sharing them with anyone who needs to build their bravery around talking about pay. you can also find @equalclay on instagram and sign up for the email list below to stay posted.

thanks everyone for your support and patience while I continue taking this summer to heal and modify my practice so that it's sustainable for my body.

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